Enterprise DevOps

We are disrupting the IT industry by helping enterprises transform in a way that traditional consultancies and system integrators cannot currently support. We focus on building capability and helping our clients to insource strategic technology capability so they get to market fast and become their own innovation engine.

Research & Analysis

Agile development allows for quick decision making, but decisions without data are dangerous. Critical analysis sprints and lean principles uncover insights and validate decisions.

DevOps Consulting

Our DevOps engineers have years of real-world experience in building pipelines, containerizing applications, deploying micro services and automating infrastructure and cloud computing.

SecOps Consulting

Our SecOps engineers have a thorough understanding of modern application and infrastructure best practices, mitigating internal and externals risks, automating security and complying with standards.

Project Management

Our project managers all posses traditional project management experience as well as experience with agile processes, lean principles, DevOps practices and developing unique key performance indicators.

Infrastructure Management

Managed Infrastructure offers a competitive edge and allows you to control costs in a predictable manner and reallocate internal resources to more strategic and transformative projects.

Staff Augmentation

Sometimes you don’t need an entire team but an extra team member or two could boost productivity and help meet deadlines. That’s why we provide short term and long term staff augmentation at a moment’s notice.

Proxy Project, Hybrid  & Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Vendor agnostic, portable on-premise, public and private cloud infrastructure architecture.

Proxy Project, Cloud Migration & Adoption

Cloud Migration & Adoption

Application and infrastructure migration and cloud adoption.

Proxy Project, Containerization & Clusterization

Containerization & Clusterization

Auto-scaling applications vertically and horizontally.

Proxy Project, Microservices & Infrastructure Evolution

Microservices & Infrastructure Evolution

Deconstructing and modularizing infrastructure architecture.

Proxy Project, Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure-as-code and continuous delivery.

Proxy Project, Application & Architectural Modernization

Application & Architectural Modernization

Re-engineering legacy applications to cloud native.

Proxy Project, Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance

Mitigating risk and meeting compliance standards.

Proxy Project, Security Automation

Security Automation

Security-as-code, continuous cloud native security.

Proxy Project, Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Empowering organizations, operationally and culturally.

Disciplined Agile Delivery

We empower organizations through agility and innovation while maintaining the control, visibility and rapid actionable insight required to make informed calculated decisions. Disciplined Agile Development principles drive our organization and deliver value to the enterprise.

Proxy Project


Collaborate to identify objectives, outline requirements, gather details and analyse data.


Perform unbiased, vendor agnostic, exploratory analysis and propose multiple solutions.


Evaluate proposed solutions based on risks, required time and resources and objectivity.


Rapidly iterate through disciplined agile delivery providing insights, updates and above all results.


Upon completion of acceptance testing we integrate, deploy, support and reiterate.

Proxy Project Discover Collaborate to identify objectives, outline requirements and validate ideas through rapid prototyping. Explore Human-Centered design principles guide our engineers and designers through design sprints. Evaluate Our software engineers work with steakholders and end-users to prioritize feature and promote rapid delivery. Validate Launching a new product can often times be nerv-racking but we prepare you to launch with confidence and at scale. Integrate We work closely with you and your team to empower your organization, not lock you in

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