Proxy Project is an enterprise focused innovation lab specializing in user experience design, full stack development, enterprise DevOps and cloud computing. We combine our experience in the enterprise with the disruptive nature of startup culture to transform organizations both digitally and culturally. We create engaging consumer experiences, consumer grade enterprise experiences and deliver revolutionary digital solutions that empower the enterprise and drive a meaningful impact on the world’s leading brands and organizations.

Startup Culture,
Enterprise Experience,
Disciplined Approach,
Disruptive Technologies,
Meaningful Impact.

Many of the world's leading brands and organizations are struggling to keep up with the fast pace and disruptive nature of today’s digital business environment. The most established brands and organizations are unable to engage users in a meaningful way and find it difficult to innovate upon their costly infrastructures, legacy applications and bureaucratic processes.

“If you always do, what you always did, you will always get, what you always got.”

Digital marketing agencies, IT solutions providers and systems integrators simply don’t understand the recent shift and are unable to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation. Marketing agencies don’t have the capacity to innovate in house and often times outsource technical components at the cost of security and performance. IT solutions providers and systems integrators are businesses designed to deliver solutions as cheaply and predictably as possible, at the cost of agility and innovation. We are a new breed of digital, we empower organizations, we ignite innovation and disrupt the status quo.

Agile Principles and DevOps Practices

We are a firm founded on a set of modern principles, methodologies and best practices that guide our organization and deliver value to yours. Keeping up with the fast pace of business, technology and innovation can be overwhelming, but having a partner on the cutting edge can be the difference between speculation and validation.


We work incrementally, through iterations and short sprints that allows us to pivot at a moment’s notice and welcome changes to project scope.


All of our solutions are handcrafted in-house. We do not outsource a single pixel or line of code–optimizing security, delivery time, communication, and overall quality.


We live on the bleeding edge of innovation and technology. Delivering battle-tested solutions that reshape industries, disrupt markets and empower organizations.


We work as a part of your team to promote communication between stakeholders, users, designers and engineers, empowering your organization as opposed to creating dependencies.


We are 100% vendor agnostic. We conduct unbiased vendor neutral exploratory analysis sprints and provide solutions best suited for your organization's needs.


We use industry leading open source technologies that empower organizations and avoid creating platform specific dependencies.

How We Work

We partner with our clients to deliver value through innovation but we understand and appreciate the unique nature of each organization’s challenges and objectives. We also understand that as you overcome these challenges and meet objectives your requirements in a consulting partner change. Our organization was designed digital, transformative evolutions is what we do.

Proxy Project, Collaboration


A dedicated team acting as your innovation engine outside of your organization with you as an extension of that team.

Proxy Project, Transformation


Harness the disruptive nature of startup culture, agile methodologies and rapid delivery in-house and transform your organization.

Proxy Project, Augmentation


Keep your project in-house and on-premise. Provide us with the requirements we’ll provide you with an all-star team.


We take extreme pride in our work and are proud to have had the privilege of working with some of the worlds largest organizations and most influential brands.

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